A SWIFT Conference!


On behalf of the Snowbird team, I just wanted to say hello to everyone we met at the SWIFT Conference in beautiful Ottawa this past week.

To those of you who dropped by our booth, thanks for making our day and letting us show you what Snowbird is all about.

Canada has a very vibrant aviation community, and it was great meeting all the airport delegates and vendors, as well as checking out many of the interesting presentations.

If you've in the industry and you've never been, we definitely recommend it. Till the next one!


Field testing under way at the Region of Waterloo International Airport

We have been busy working with the staff at the Region of Waterloo International Airport. Snowbird Reports is being used in the field while we conduct usability testing to polish up the user experience of the app. Initial testing has gone incredibly well and we have noted a few areas of improvement of the user interface. These changes will make Snowbird Reports more user-friendly and easier to use for any operators who suffer from visual impairment.

SNOWTAM and away!

Starting October, 2012, Nav Canada began accepting SNOWTAM submissions electronically.

Whereas before, these reports had to be submitted through fax and telephone, it's now possible to submit reports electronically over the Internet. This automates the process just a bit more, and allows operators to save time, and be more assured of the accuracy of their report.

We've been hard at work over the last months, building Snowbird to take advantage of this awesome functionality from the very beginning. Report submission is almost instantaneous, and operators have instant feedback as to the validity of their report, which goes even further to reduce operator error.

Welcome to the future, Canada!