Simple and Powerful

Snowbird Reports was designed from the ground up to be simple to use while offering complete control to the managers who administer the system.

Snowbird was developed through a collaborative effort between our designers and Canadian airports. The end result is an easy-to-learn and simple-to-manage system that increases productivity and decreases cost and operator error.

Easy-to-use map interface

Preview reports before submission


Our designers spent countless hours working with the airport decision-makers and the operators in the field. The end result is an interface that is designed to perfectly fit the everyday reporting workflow, for manager and operator alike.

Visually Elegant

Snowbird Reports takes full advantage of the iPad's beautiful screen to deliver a simple and elegant user experience. The interface is simple to use and operator training time is minimized.

Intuitive visual interface

Fully Hosted

We host the back-end portion of the system so you don't have to. This allows us to roll out compliance updates quickly and safely. No need to worry about natural disasters and hardware failures.


Snowbird Reports uses industry-standard SSL encryption to protect the data on the server, on the iPad, and during the transmission and submission process. This means that nobody else has access to your data.

Electronic Submission

All NOTAMJ reports are submitted electronically. We've worked closely in coordination with NAV CANADA to ensure your reports are submitted instantly and accurately. Reports are compliant with the latest Canadian NOTAM Operating Procedures (CNOP). 

Powerful Administration

Easily manage users who can use the app, how the submission process works, and customize the experience to suit your airport's operations.

Stay In The Loop

Email notifications ensure that all stakeholders are notified whenever a new report is submitted, allowing managers to stay on top of the current runway status.  We've also got Geckoboard integration, so the latest report is only a head-turn away.


Keep Everything

Your AMSCRs are stored on the server for record-keeping for up to a year. Need to look back at a previously-submitted report? No problem! You can also filter and export reports to your heart's content.