Snowbird Ltd. Launches Industry's First iPad-based Runway Condition Reporting System

June 12, 2013

Waterloo, ON - Locally-owned Snowbird Ltd. announces the official launch of their flagship product, Snowbird Reports. The product – the first to work on a tablet and leverage cloud technologies – allows airports to create, submit, and manage Aircraft Movement Surface Condition Reports (AMSCRs), which are crucial to the safe operation of all airports.

Snowbird Reports is comprised of an iPad app — with which operators create and submit reports — and a hosted web application used for querying reports and other administrative tasks. Using the iPad instead of custom hardware means that Snowbird Reports delivers a best-of-breed user experience with intuitive controls that accelerate training and improve reporting accuracy.

A fully-hosted architecture means that airports don’t need to dedicate any IT staff to deploy and monitor the system, and they can be assured that their reports will be delivered reliably.

“The simplicity of our system is what airports are really excited about. And because of the great technologies we were able to leverage, we can deliver a great product at a price point that makes sense even for smaller airports”, said Ernest Surudo, President of Snowbird Ltd.

Snowbird Reports was born out of a need identified by the Region of Waterloo International Airport. NAV CANADA recently introduced an internet-based process for the submission of Aircraft Movement Surface Condition Reports through their SNOWiz system. This caused the airport to seek an alternative to upgrading its existing legacy reporting system in order to be compliant with the requirements for electronic submission of AMSCRs.

“We worked closely with the airport's staff to design a system that would meet the needs of both the managers and operators. We are now pleased to make Snowbird Reports available to all Canadian airports”, said Surudo.

About Snowbird Ltd.

Snowbird Ltd., a Waterloo, Ontario-based company, specializes in helping airports find modern, cost-effective solutions to their operational needs. Their premier product – Snowbird Reports – is the first tablet and cloud-based Runway Surface Condition (RSC) solution on the market.

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